CashMasterPractice is the most effective spinal decompression treatment, protocol and cash practice you will ever be exposed to!


Road Map to the Course

Course for DC's & Staff

- The Spinal Decompression developed by Dr. Richard E. Busch, III, is a comprehensive...

- Neuropathy protocol for the treatment of the pain, numbness, tingling, and other symptoms ...

Course Description

Both courses are for one year of subscription to the online courses. With this course you will:

  • Fully understand the philosophy and procedures behind the Cash Master Practice.
  • Be able to duplicate every aspect of the world’s largest single-practitioner spinal decompression/cash practice.
  • Fully understand the case fee cash practice and how to integrate this into any type of practice, in any location, with any patient.
  • Fully understand the unique and customized protocol pioneered and developed by Dr. Richard Busch, III.

You will gain Freedom from:

  • Lack of income
  • Fee slashing by insurance companies
  • Dictation of care by insurance companies
  • Lack of certainty

With The Cash Master Practice Course, you will learn how to create your ideal practice and how to achieve Total Practice Freedom.

his course has only been offered with Dr. Busch for 2.5 days face to face at the Fort Wayne, IN. 


For Trianee DC's & Staff

All CashMasterPractice clients the Doctors and their staff will have the opportunity to participate in weekly video conferences that will be conducted in the late afternoon or early evening hours where Dr. Busch will be coaching all the policies, plans, and procedures or the Protocols of a CashMasterPractice. There will be a Question & Answer portion to each of these weekly video conferences.